Sales organization of the group has implemented marketing and distribution strategies for group product, using a large network of sales sites throughout Iran and the neighboring countries. Through time the group has attached consumer's trust by way of its well known and well recognized brands such as Kalleh, Solico, Maac, Castle Brau and Bony Chow.

We have 20 centers throughout Iran providing direct sales to retail shops and supermarkets. They provide services to 45,000 retail shops throughout Iran, and are visited on frequencies of one to six times per week, according to their classification. Our future expansion plans include increasing the number of distribution centers to 32 in Iran.

We have about 6,200 employees spread across the Group’s companies, and we are involved in dairy, ice cream, meat processing, packaging, and non-dairy beverages like juices and alcohol-free beers. We have a daily turnover of $1.4 million to $2 million.

In dairy, we’re producing 1 million liters per day, although our plan is to increase this to 2 million liters. This is the planned target for the production plant that we have in the city of Amol in the north of Iran. We are opening a second plant in nearby Tehran. We’re also thinking of opening a third plant, though haven’t come to a decision yet on where to locate it.

We have two ice cream plants. The second is still under construction and production hasn’t started. Current daily production is about 80 tons, and we are looking to increase our projected sales to 300 tons. In addition to ice cream, it will produce chocolate and frozen pastries.

In the meat sector, we are currently allocating 100 tons of raw materials, and we are looking to reach 300 tons in our forecasts. A meat processing plant is under construction, and machinery is being procured. The range of products to be produced includes meat cuts, frozen ready-to-eat meals, sausages, salamis, and many others.
We are also in beverages, sauces and dressings. We produce juices and non-alcoholic beer, which is a new field of the industry for us. Our daily production for sauces is somewhere between 15 and 20 tons. With the new production facilities the production volume should reach 100 tons per day. We are in packaging as well, producing cups and containers, prints, and also casings.

We export large volumes of assorted products to Iraq and our target is to increase our export sales to even higher volumes. We do direct sales and distribution in Kurdistan, Karbala, Najaf, Rahdod, and Basra, and we are also active in other parts of that country. We have joint-venture companies in a number of countries including the UAE, the Far East, and Afghanistan. We are planning to reach a marketplace of 300 million people in the near future.